Campus Expansion

Early Learning Center

Victory Ridge Academy’s Early Learning Center (ELC) will house all of our Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten classrooms. Additionally, the ELC will contain one medical unit and serve a portion of our students who require more medically intensive care.

With an estimated 90+ students utilizing the facility, the Early Learning Center will make up the largest part of our school’s population. The mission of Victory Ridge’s Early Learning Center will be to enable our younger students to be mainstreamed into their traditionally zoned schools earlier in their academic careers.

While they have served our school very well over the years, the portables currently being utilized by half of our Pre-Kindergarten population are no longer conducive to our needs. In order to keep up with the demands of Lake Wales and the surrounding areas, Victory Ridge’s Early Learning Center is an immediate need that will be one of our focuses of fundraising for the current school year, and beyond.

Independent Living Skills Center

Another area in which Victory Ridge Academy’s campus is expanding is to house an Independent Living Skills Center. The Center will allow for us to be truly unique! There is no other school in the area that offers a place where their students can work towards independent living.

The duplex will be designed to have students practice living skills as well as gain employability skills.  Students can practice skills on the “student” side of the apartments while a two way mirror allows for staff and parents to view the progress while in the other apartment. Both apartments will be similar as it will also enable multiple students/families to use and/or practice at once.  The skills they learn will not only be invaluable for living, but also employability.